Corporate Profile

Tianjin Leader Overseas Education Service Co., Ltd. is one of the only ten licensed education agencies in Tianjin authorized by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Security and State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. Since its establishment on April 16, 2003, Tianjin Leader has developed a global presence through its strategic partnerships with hundreds of overseas education providers and recruited thousands of Chinese students for our partners.

The services we offer to Chinese students cover:

1. Academic advisory service which includes helping students identify their goals, interests, strengths, needs, etc. and advising suitable programs and universities/institutions/ schools/colleges for them.

2. Academic program application assistance

3. Apply Student Visa/Study Permit for students/visa interviews tutoring

4. Homestay/dormitory placement & airport pickup arrangement & tuition fees payment guidance, etc.

5. Pre-departure training & immigration advisory service, etc.

The services we offer to overseas educational establishments including:

1. Analyze and assess your programs /organizations image among Chinese

2. Promote the designated programs/courses in a specific market with a localized perspective3. Organize different types of promotional events /exhibitions /seminars for educational partners

4. Recruit students directly for our partners in local market

5. Provide temporary on-site support or experienced staff for your recruitment occasions

6. Recruit individual student as well as group students for particular program(s)

7. Predict the market trends and draft business proposal or market F/S on your request

8. We also work as a bridge or liaison between overseas institutions and China local education bodies to create pathway / formula to meet your particular needs

Our Mission

To introduce high-quality and good-reputation overseas education resources to Chinese students allowing them to compete the best education from a global perspective.

To help overseas education providers understand Chinese education system and resources and identify their target market and marketing strategy in China.

To promote cultural and educational exchange making Chinese students and parents have better understanding of globalization and world cultures.

Our Philosophy

We value client-centered principle, professionalism and sense of responsibility. We care clients’ needs. We are dedicated to match students to the most suitable academic programs and schools/colleges, by which their academic success can be ensured and aspiration can be realized.

Our Vision

Our goal is to work with more high-quality educational institutions worldwide in the manner of long-lasting and win-win strategic cooperation, to further diversify Chinese education market and to make Tianjin Leader the real leader in international education.

We look forward to linking or being linked with more excellent education resources.